Perfume Stories

Every story begins with a perfume

For Adja, creator of Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, every story, every sharing begins with a perfume.

Her mother, for her part, combined tradition and modernity by introducing her to the art of seduction, strongly linked to the use of a substance from West Africa, with renowned aphrodisiac powers, and which gives off a fragrance charged with eroticism, a mixture whose well-kept manufacturing secret is only transmitted from mother to daughter: the woussoulan. She didn’t hesitate either, to take her to the House of Guerlain, at 68 rue des Champs Elysées in order to collect her tailor-made perfume.

After a career in journalism, it was only natural that she turned her passion for essences into her profession. An eleven-year initiatory journey within major companies has enabled her to acquire an in-depth knowledge of perfumery. But above all, it gave rise to the desire in her to have a place that would reflect her spontaneous, enthusiastic, generous and intuitive personality.

This place of encounters, sharing, and olfactory discoveries becoming obvious, Adja has deepened her knowledge by training in the art of natural perfumery, because she wants to offer confidential fragrances from natural perfumery.

In December 2017, the perfume bar, Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs, opened its doors and its dream became a reality.

For Adja

“Wearing a fragrance is a way of interacting with others.”

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