Every story begins with a perfume

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From 19 July till 31 August
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For Adja, creator of Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfacteurs, every story, every sharing begins with a perfume.

As a child, while traveling with her family, she was already smelling the spirit of the times on several continents, initiated by parents who loved beautiful species. His father, now flown to perfumed skies, introduced him as a teenager to the mythical heritage of English perfumes. Her mother, for her part, combined tradition and modernity by introducing her to the art of seduction. Strongly linked to the use of a substance coming from West Africa, with reputed aphrodisiac powers, and which gives off a perfume charged with eroticism, a mixture whose well-kept manufacturing secret is only transmitted from mother to mother. girl: woussoulan. And she took it to Guerlain, the emblematic brand at 68, rue des Champs Élysées, to collect her custom-made perfume.

After a career in journalism, it was quite natural that she made her passion for essences her profession. An initiatory journey of eleven years within large houses allowed him to acquire in-depth knowledge of perfumery. But above all, it gave birth in her to the desire to have a place that would reflect her spontaneous, enthusiastic, generous and intuitive personality.

This place of meetings, sharing, and olfactory discoveries becoming obvious, Adja deepened her knowledge by training in the art of natural perfumery, because she wants to offer confidential fragrances from natural perfumery.

In December 2017, the perfume bar, Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactif, opened its doors and his dream came true.

Our Mission

Guider les amateurs de fragrances dans un voyage authentique et éthique à travers les parfums naturels d’exception, au cœur de Bruxelles

Our Vision

Steeped in exclusivity in the heart of Brussels, Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactif invites you on an ethical and emotional journey through the precious art of natural perfumery.

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