Belgian artist passionate about form, colours and textures, Alex deBo exhibits her work at Les Nouveaux Comptoirs Olfactifs from November 20 to January 5.

Tastes, flavours and smells generate emotions, love at first sight….

Synaesthesia… olfactory and visual

Encounter of 2 creators…

the idea comes up… not so crazy… to organize a combined “tasting”, an “exponent³” discovery for the cumulative, combined or rather completed pleasure of the senses.

Can we talk about synaesthesia here? I think so….
Come and experience this phenomenon by which two senses are associated…
Here you will experience the combined experience of the olfactory and the visual. Immerse yourself in the sensory atmosphere and come and see us!

Alex deBo talks about the emotion “exponent³”

First of all there is emotion, (1)
“The one at the origin of my career as an artist. Sensitivity, delicacy, tears and discretion guided me towards decorative painting. Painting is my way of expression, where words can’t… It’s my life journey, the answer to deep and successive questionings.”

And then there’s the emotion, (2)
“The one that requires and provokes the creation of a painting or a realization. I put on the canvas what inhabits me and must be deposited, when I need it, often starting with a shade of colour. It is a natural creative process, comparable to automatic writing in literature. When I get started, I’m rambling and I don’t know what the result will be… or when I’ll stop.”

And finally, there is emotion (3)
“The one that comes out of the meeting with the audience, aroused by the communion around one of my creations. At that moment, something happens of the kind of gift that I offer, that I deliver to the spectator. The emotion communicated, shared and suddenly transposed.”

I paint to contribute to living in beauty: with a painting, a fresco or a trompe l’oeil, at the office, in a child’s room, to personalise your favourite room, or the one that you think presents a real challenge: a fire door to hide, to recreate a known or lost environment…