Tradition, quality, ethics

As fervent defenders of confidential perfumes, we work exclusively with independent artisan-perfumers and designers.

Aimée de Mars

Tribute to love. To the unconditional love between a grandmother and her granddaughter. To the inspiring love of nature.

Originating from France, the heart of the three ranges of natural fragrances is made up of 21 essential oils. Our perfumes are created from rare and precious raw materials, in an eco-responsible, solidarity, ethical, cruelty-free and vegan approach.

Aimée de Mars invents a new perfumery: aromaparfumerie®, an alliance of fine perfumery and the power of plants according to the principles of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy.

Recommended by the association Slow Cosmétique, which promotes a healthier beauty. The guarantee for clean formulas and kept promises.

Björk and Berries

Inspired by the Scandinavian flora, these eco-luxury perfumes are the result of collaboration between botanists, dermatologists and perfumers.

Björk and Berries brings together ancestral traditions, know-how and respect for the environment to offer the benefits of Swedish nature in its purest form.

Through its handcrafted and timeless fragrances, the brand promotes a responsible luxury philosophy.

Eve et Daphnée

Born from extraordinary encounters, the Eve & Daphnée House aims to embody a sustainable and inspiring way of life.
It is intended to be “Charitable by Nature. Natural by Luxury. Luxurious by Essence.”

The inspirers: Eve, the original woman and Daphne, the celebrated nymph: two emblematic figures embodying the audacity and courage of transformation. One tasted, from her wonderful garden, the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and the other, daughter of Gaia (the earth), was transformed into laurel, now a symbol of victory.

The creator perfumer: Delphine Thierry weaves a real olfactory lace. She chooses each extract with precision, like so many materials, yarns, colours to reveal the soul of a perfume, an enchanting celebration of love and nature.

Honoré des prés

Honoré des Prés invites us to adore the unique and to escape the ordinary. Its intention: to lead city dwellers into olfactory escapes; to free them from the burden of urban life, reconnect them to nature and inspire them with the joy of deep breathing.

With its fragrances abundant in richness and simplicity, Olivia Giacobetti gives birth to the high natural, unique and singular perfumery.

The brand takes up the challenge of designing real organic, delicate and distinctive perfumes. Stylized and refined olfactory creations, alive on the skin, organically mobile, without synthetic fragrances, colourings, phthalates, petrochemical products.

Rania J

Perfumer and nose, Rania Jouaneh creates natural and sophisticated perfumes. Her passion for fragrances comes from her childhood spent between Africa and the Middle East. Nature remains at the heart of her modern and sensual creations.

Her contemporary, refined and authentic compositions highlight noble and rare essences while respecting their richness and olfactory complexity.

Rania’s perfumes reflect her personality: authentic and original, natural and sophisticated. She considers perfume as an accessory to wear, like a jewel.


Based in the south of France, Nicolas Jennings produces remarkable organic perfumes by hand.

Based on the centuries-old technique of enfleurage used to extract flowers, its fragrances tell the stories of the perfumery of yesteryear. The ingredients themselves are among the rarest natural raw materials in the world. They share with us their most precious secrets.


Specialised in the design and production of exclusively natural perfumes, SAMA selects its plant extracts and combines the most active properties with each other to develop a 100% natural and organic range, made up of rare perfumes.

The know-how of the designer, Sandrine Giordanengo, is based on her knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine, Amazonian shamanic practices and European aromatherapy. She only creates from vegetable oils, essential oils and more generally from plants. Noble and natural, organic or wild raw materials, the others being categorically banned. The ingredients used are collected by organic farms or in the wilderness, respecting local traditions and populations.

To optimize the effects of the products, it is important that the consumer receives all the information on the use of these magnificent fragrances.


French brand that combines elegance and excellence. Undergreen is a collection of four scents that combine natural and classic perfumery, while remaining in a contemporary universe.

The brand created by alternative perfumers: Patrice Cardenoso and Jérôme Bonnet, innovates with its fragrances from Chimie Naturelle® (“Natural Chemistry”).

Wildheart Organics

Wildheart Organics aromatherapy candles and home fragrances are truly unique.

Handmade in Scotland, 100% made from botanical essential oils, their perfume is intensely deep and the olfactory experience is all the more luxurious. Flower absolutes, such as jasmine and rose, raise morale, soothe the mind, and wrap you in an unparalleled fragrance.

The brand’s approach is respectful: the packaging is recyclable and no testing is done on animals.

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