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Ambre Intense is an emblematic creation of the oriental spicy family designed for all those who like to be noticed and who are not scared. It is the most daring fragrance with powerful notes and associations of unique materials. Its aphrodisiac side will seduce powerful women who take full responsibility.

First, the rose of Amanesca, the most feminine touch of perfumery, is perfectly blended with the saffron, which brings it its strong character, and the clove makes it completely aphrodisiac.

The geranium, the head note, pushes towards a musky stream and supports the amber and vanilla as a note of background. Its powerful heart reveals all the mysteries of the East. The tawny fragrance of the oud is particularly highlighted and associated with the rose, which reveals its femininity and sandalwood with its velvety, warm and sensual side.

The blend of patchouli and cedar wood makes this fragrance daring, irresistible and powerful.

At the base of the fragrance, the dazzling vanilla reveals its warm side with spices. The cistus establishes a perfect combination with sandalwood, white musk and patchouli, and amplifies the amber notes but also acts to freeze the most volatile notes. The combination of amber, vanilla, cistus, sandalwood and musk brings warmth and extreme toughness.


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