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It’s a dark, black composition : men will get addicted to Black by Undergreen, and women will know how to use it as a weapon of seduction.

Proudly magnetic, Black is a spell casting natural perfume to sail between heights and depths, a journey to the end of the night or a ride in the core of an angry volcano.

Black is a mystery organic fragrance : in day light, Black is Don Diego de la Vega’s perfume when all is well and Zorro’s when all goes wrong. At night, it’s the crooner’s black tuxedo, one love, candles, and the moon…

It’s a Proust madeleine with a chocolate and coffee Opera cake side, the memory of a fist love in the dark.

Black organic perfume by Undergreen olfactive notes
Top note : black peper,cinnamon, ginger
Middle note : liquorice, coffee, tonka beans
Base note : incense, gaiac wood, birch bark, oud


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