Lune Emoi


The invigorating freshness of an Italian citrus cocktail that cascades over a voluptuous bed of Jasmine and Ylang.

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Lune Emoi symbolizes our emotions and our dark side. It evokes a sacred temple like a warm and reassuring cocoon. It is an invitation to well-being to reconnect with our inner source and our joy of living.

Carnelian symbolizes vitality and stimulates our creativity. Thanks to its cleansing and purifying energies, carnelian helps us restore the balance of our emotional energies. It dispels all negative thoughts and allows us to free ourselves from what prevents us from moving forward.


Head: Mandarin, Bergamot, Orange, Lemon, Petitgrain

Heart: Jasmine Sambac, Ylang Ylang

Base: Sandalwood, Cedar, Labdanum


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