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Nero is undoubtedly a perfume of great virility. A daring and spectacular creation of this aromatic woody oriental fragrance of extreme power that makes it a sublime, mythical, captivating and totally animal elixir.

With the head note, we are faced with a must in men’s fragrance; the eucalyptus, a fresh and woody fragrance that gives the perfume a stimulating side.

The heart note is an association mainly reserved for fine perfumery with rhubarb and its green, fruity and aromatic scents and the sweet scent of violet that brings elegance with its powdery, green and waxy scent.

The base note is a dazzling elixir, with no equivalent in the world of perfumery. The animal notes, powerful scents of the manly man, mix sumptuously with the aromatic force of tobacco, which brings him a lot of elegance. The caramel aroma reveals a sweet and smooth flavor. The association of the captivating scent of sandalwood and cedar wood makes the composition even more daring, and the amber creates a perfect harmony.


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