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Rose Oud is an oriental floral fragrance, a true symbol of feminine temptation. A bold and powerful fragrance, flowered with a sensation of wild sweetness, sensual and smooth feeling that makes us dream. An elixir of seduction with an harmony of materials that reveal all the femininity with tasty, warm notes with a sweet sensuality.

First, a heavenly blend of citrus, spices and floral notes. The combination of bergamot and orange with spices of saffron and cloves brings fruity, sweet notes in a sparkling and acidulous stream bringing a very strong temperament, a power that creates a real surprise. The green notes delight us with an impression of intense freshness that make these head notes bold.

The heart note is an association of the queen of flowers, the rose, the symbol of the feminine temptation, and of jasmine with the powdery scent of violet which brings us into a fragrance that literally enchants us. The floral notes together with cedar wood make the fragrance even more daring and the woody, velvety and sensual side of sandalwood, completely mesmerizing.

At the base of the fragrance, we appreciate the intensity of oud with the wood of Gaiac connected the notes of heart. The vibrant and aerial notes of patchouli bring a delicate scent with white musk and cypress and make it a scent that gets under your skin.


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