Tranquil Deluxe Diffuser


6 months of stress relieving aromatherapy


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Tranquil Deluxe Diffuser, with a massive 150 ml of essential oils, our deluxe reed diffusers will bestow 6 months of aromatherapy bliss,

This Tranquil therapeutic blend is perfect for moments when you seek calm and complete relaxation.  A complex composition of 12 pure essential oils all selected for their calmative properties. non toxic with only pure essential oils.

The heart is lavender and neroli orange blossom, sandalwood, clary sage and chamomile add to the calming properties. Infused with tops notes from mandarin and bergamot.  

Each Tranquil Deluxe Diffuser bottle contains a very generous 150 mls of pure essential oils all infused in a natural grain base.
500 ML gives 6 months of de-stressing aromatherapy.


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