Single, Triple and Extra Large Happy Triple Wick Candle

Up to 60 hours of blissful aromatherapy


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Tranquil is availabe in 3 different sizes:

  • Single wick
  • Triple wick
  • Extra Large Triple wick

The extra large triple wick candle will not only be a beautiful statement candle, it will also bestow an amazing aromatherapy experience, from the generous 70 ml of essential oils contained in the clean burning wax. Thats the equivalent of over 6 standard aromatherapy bottles all within this candle. The candle would make a stunning gift or decadent treat to yourself. It is presented in a lovely white box with white grosgrain ribbon. It measure 12 cms diametre by 12 cms high.

Heavenly blend of rose, geranium and aromatic frankincense, Tranquil will bring moments of bliss to your day. The uplifting properties of the 12 essential oils are selected to elevate your mood and spirits. Our triple wick optimises the aromatherapy scent throw giving all the wellness benefits of an aromatherapy spa treatment. The heart is rose and geranium. Frankincense and rosewood provide mellow aromatic notes to this restorative blend. 100% natural, non toxic with only essential oils. Our extra large triple wick therapy candle 750 grams, provides 60 hours of blissful aromatherapy.

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