Essential & natural fragrances


Experience the unique ability to create the fragrance that defines you

Emotion, movement

A scent is often linked to a place, an encounter or a moment in one’s life. When we look for a fragrance that has made its mark on us, it becomes a quest, we set something in motion … an emotion.

As you step through the doors of Nouveaux comptoirs olfactifs, you will be immersed in a multitude of scent notes that will distill in you, a powerful emotion.

Coming to Nouveaux comptoirs olfactifs means meeting and sharing with Adja and her team. Comfortably seated amongst all these scents, you breathe in the different fragrances, you discover the secrets of perfumed compositions in the expectation that they will distill their invisible power to seduce you and inspire you with love.

Tradition, quality, ethics

First Belgian perfumery dedicated exclusively to organic and natural upscale perfumery.

As fervent defenders of confidential perfumes, we work exclusively with independent artisan-perfumers and designers. With them, we forge close ties in order to fully immerse ourselves in the history of our perfumes and to share original and little-used creations with lovers of beautiful, healthy and high-quality fragrances.

Olfactory discoveries

Original fragrances

Reinvented traditional know-how, rediscovered and sublimated original scents. Pure extracts from nature. Connivance of the senses and mind. The perfume is guessed, offered and shared.

Perfume craftsmen

Renowned craft companies, outstanding natural flavours.

Tailor-made fragrances

A unique experience: compose the fragrance that suits you.

Candles and scented stones

Unique and 100% natural home fragrances.

Olfactory experiences

Discovery workshops. Scented activities in small groups.

A central but discreet shop

Insiders’ secret

Located in the heart of Brussels, just a few minutes from the Grand Place and the Central Station, the shop is nestled in a small pedestrian street of the Sablon, alongside its famous chocolate makers, antique dealers, art galleries and refined restaurants.